ITGS - Micaela López

ITGS - Micaela López turned 3 today!

ITGS - Micaela López turned 3 today!

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Inputs and Outputs

An ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)

Input: the card information read by the card reader.

Output: the money and the reciept.

Storage: the money it keeps inside.

An airport self check-in machine

Input: the booking information of the client.

Output: the boarding passes.

Storage: the seat accomodations of each plane.

A mobile phone (cell phone)

Input: keyboard and the microphone.

Output: the screen and the other person’s voice.

Storage: the phone numbers, pictures, music, videos, applications, etc.

An in-car GPS navigation system

Input: the address.

Output: the directions on the screen.

Storage: maps and saved addresses.

An aircraft cockpit

Input:  flight instruments on an instrument panel, and theother controls.

Output: altitude, speed and direction meters.

Storage: the blackbox for the information from the control tower.

A cleaning robot

Input:  orders and commands though a remote control or buttons as well as sensors.

Output: speakers for sound signals.

Storage: the actions it is programmed for will be stored in a hard drive.

Purpose of manufacturers to set the MAC Address

The purpose of MAC addresses is to provide a unique physical address for every node on a network. The first 24 bits identify the manufacturer, and the remaining bits identify the type of device and provide a specific serial number for the unit. It has 48 bits in total, 12 characters.


Devices with MAC Addresses



Nintendo Wii

MAC Address VS. IP Address

A similarity between them is that they are both used when information needs to travel  between networks and routers.


A difference is that an IP Address is assigned by the internet provider and the MAC Address by the hardware manufacturer.


MAC Address in security

MAC Addresses can be used a security measure for your WLAN. All you have to do is enable MAC filterin. What this means is that the administrator of the network must enter in the router a list of the MAC Addresses of the devices allowed in the WLAN. Like this, whenever an unlisted device tries to access the network, the router will reject it.

Lack of MAC Address Protecion

A way of getting your MAC Address hacked is by agreeing to let a piece of software to change it. This is usually requested by a hacker and you he/she will now have access to your computer. Plus, it will probably prevent you from having access to your own WLAN because your MAC Address will no longer appear in the allowed list. So, never allow a third party program to alter any of your system settings.


Topics and the area they are related to.

Operating Systems -Business & Education.

Computer Hardware -Business, Education, Health, Arts & Science.

Adobe Flash -Education, Arts & Entertainment.

File extensions -Education & Business.

Types of Networks -Business, Education & Politics.

Types of Software -Business, Education, Politics, Science.

License Agreements -Business.

Adobe Photoshop -Arts & Entertainment.

Software Magnitudes - Education.

I know it’s a bit late but…

Language Independent GUI

  • Easy to use markup with many different languages
  • HTTP-friendly.
  • Minimal reliance on client-side scripting or execution.
  • Targets mostly business.
  • Open standard
  • Include an event-handling vector language.
Interface for sight impaired people

For people who have a tough time reading small characters there is an app that comes on practically any PC. It is called the magnifier. It amplifies any certain part of the screen that the user wants in order to make it easier for him to read or interact with it.